How to Deal with Your Life Problems ft. Violet

H guys, how are you doing???

Let’s travel back in time.

On may something, Violet uttered absolute nonsense in a blog post in which she thoroughly lies because of unforeseen circumstances. Violet Gray said, “no more unannounced hiatuses” (key word: unannounced). Weeks (months) later, she comes back from an UNANNOUNCED HIATUS.

Well, I have answers for you, and these answers come with a story:

Young Violet Gray travel ACROSS THE WORLD for a  journey for FIVE WEEKS. Would she let this stop her from continuing her blog? NO! She brings her nice laptop along with her. She goes to Europe blah blah blah stuff happens. Till she reaches India. She is ready to post stuff. She has brilliant (not) ideas planned for the complex month of June. Innocent Naive Violet opens up her computer, fresh with hope and happiness. Little did she know this was all about to go away. Just as she sees that her computer broke down. It was nonfunctional. Then the world ended and everyone died.


Basically, my computer stopped working so I couldn’t post on my blog.

ANDDD, if you guys want more proof that I am a terrible person??? I have had a computer since the beginning of July and just decided to post now #lasy#verylazy#Ineedhelp

I know what you must be thinking, “Violet why did you post two back to back updates?” BUT WAIT, these aren’t updates!!! (omg, what, how, what could it be, tell us more violet) Well I mean it kind of is, but I just want to say something else. Let us just call it a discussion post where I rant about my life BUT, I tell you how I overcame this problem so I can help you if you went through this too WHILE still getting updated NOT UPDATED (smooth, violet) on the monthly Violet!



Life Problem #1: WRITING

I’m pretty sure that this has happened in ( almost) EVERY writer’s life (if you have not felt this, please email me and and explain how is that possible and give me some tips???) but basically, you know that feeling when you love writing but you have given up all hope in life with writing? Everything you are writing is trash that has no quality or depth while still remaining bland and lifeless and that you will never even write a single successful sentence that you’re happy with because currently, you are in a sad hole in which there is no getting out because you feel like you are never going to be able to write in your life because you are a failure? Yup, I actually feel that all the time but it is currently at its highest peak.


(update: I just had an emotional meltdown because the gif made my mouse get stuck and I couldn’t move it and I started to freak out then I found out I just had to press enter and it started to work and then had an even bigger emotional melt down because I am so dumb :))

BUT… Am I just going to sit around and mope about my writing life? yes NO!

Well Violet, how to deal with this oh wise master?

Well, if you are a writer and going through this problem, please don’t feel unmotivated. There are so many other writers right now at this moment sharing the exact same feeling as you. One very important thing is to give yourself space. What worked for me was giving a nice decent amount of break from writing to let myself think and refresh my mind. If you overwhelm yourself with pressure, all that is going to happen is that you will start getting frustrated and it will ruin writing for you in general, which SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!

Thanks, Violet! 


Life Problem #2: BLOGGING

You guys know how blogging is working out for me… Basically, by the end of May, I became super hyped to blog during the summer since I don’t have a lot to do. So in June, when I had ideas, my computer stopped working and I got sad and unmotivated and then just kind of gave up (which is terrible I know stop judging me). I just feel like what’s the point you know? I’m not really going anywhere, I barely post, coming up with ideas is a pain…

Should I just quit?

And then the whole world exploded again, for the second time


Violet!!! Send help!!!!!

Honestly, to be completely fair, I actually have no right to be giving advice for this because I still kind of suck at this blogging thing, BUT, I still have overcome bloggers block every once in a while?? So, what I did, is, of course, gave my self a break from blogging and all of its stresses for a while. Then afterward, I went to all of my favorite blogs and read their posts and commented and liked a bunch of other blogs too. Somehow, that just reminds me of why I started in the first place and it gave me that fresh new blogger feels that I feel like everyone enjoys, right? Also I read through some of the motivating comments that y’all have left me and they always make my day 🙂

Thank Violet 🙂

Life Problem #3: READING

Okay, I don’t know but honestly, I feel like everyone in the blogosphere are just productive readers (by “productive readers” I mean that they just read in general). Okay to be fair, I did read in India a bit but that doesn’t count?? Like I like to read, I’m not exactly a “Book worm” but it’s a hobby I enjoy. When I was a young smol child (but violet, you still are a young smol child), so a couple years ago, I used to read a lot, and not just a lot but a lot a lot. I just have those beautiful memories of being small (which I still am) and re reading all of the books in my “library”, a sad shelf of like five books I used to call my library and still being happy with just reading. Now I just stopped after last year and I miss it and I want to read more but I keep sulking about and not doing anything about it but all I do is complain and not actually take action which suck smh I need helpppp.


Image result for judgemental look gif
Um okay, calm down Violet


Need some advice!!!!

I actually have no clue how to deal with this because I am currently going through this but I will try. What hopefully should work is, similar to what I said for blogging, is rekindling some of that old reading love by reading some of your absolute, all time favorite, fabulous books who you think of like a child and remind yourself why you like to read and what you like to read (calm down Violet…). Another thing you can do is join some sort of social media platforms like Goodreads or other things (I don’t even know) to help you connect with readers and have a huge website that literally throws a bunch of books at you face (not the definition of literally but I gave up). My last piece of advice would be to find some reading blogs that give reviews and basically just talk a lot about reading??? That could help I suppose.


So that’s about as much advice I can give for one day. Apologies for this being so short, but later on, I will write longer posts since I won’t be in such a rush.


Image result for finger guns gif
Let’s sign off with some finger guns ey



Was this post actually helpful and did you gain anything? Would you like to see longer posts by me? What are some ways you deal with your life problems (seriously #sendhelp)? Should I do more of these or nah?? What are your thoughts on finger guns?





27 thoughts on “How to Deal with Your Life Problems ft. Violet

  1. I’m a writer too – so I definitely feel you there! I find it best to take my laptop somewhere I don’t have Internet and leave my phone *gasp* so I can just concentrate on my writing!
    As for blogging, I ran out of inspiration too but now I look to other people for tags and memes they do and draw inspiration from that!

    Also girl, I had literally a four year reading SLUMP where I read literally 3 books. Then I restarted my blog and found bloggers whose tastes matched up to mine and started reading the books they were shouting about! I have to say it has worked out pretty well! Chin up love! Things will get better! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know that gif might just be the most relatable thing about this post. I’m glad that this post was relatable (even though that might be a bad thing because all of these things were about stuff I am failing in life with…)


  2. so I read this last night and basically forgot everything but THE WORLD EXPLODING gif and also maybe a friends gif??? wait no, only that finger gun one. *finger guns*

    AGH VIIIIII. you will post during the school year right??? here’s a post idea for you: write about what you’re dreading for eighth grade, and what you’re looking forward to. BOOM INSPIRATION NOW GO WRITE IT SO YOU CAN POST IT SOON.

    duuuude are you still working on opidium? because I can totally word war with you! (or I could work on my outline and you could work on a post, idk lol.)

    AND READING! goodreads will definitely make you want to read more books. 😉 glad you’re back, vi, and I will make sure you STAY. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The gifs are very memorable I suppose so I don’t blame you. *finger guns*

      I will post during the school year (I hope I hope I hope) and that is actually a great idea that I’m stealing sorry May, I need to post asap.

      Rip Opidium. I’m thinking about starting a new story so you can ww on your story or outlie and Ill work on my plan????

      Yes I’m super excited about goodreads and i’m going to the library today so yay. Aw thank youuuu!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I AM ON A ROLL RIGHT NOW. With reading, writing (kind of) and blogging. SO I DO NOT NEED HELP. Though this was such an organised post. WELL DONE VI (can i call you that?)
    Anywho, best way to start writing and fix that problem. READ, like a really good book with good writing and then get to a prompt and I promise you words, will come easily.

    The tricky part for you is reading. WHICH SOOOO NEED TO GET BACK INTO.
    Recommendations to GET BACK into reading

    -The Young Elites
    -The Northen Lights
    -A Darker Shade of Magic (maybe?? It’s a little hard to get into..?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY GOOD JOB ILSA! Being productive just always is like a (rare but) extremely amazing and rewarding feeling. Yes, you have earned the right 🙂
      Yes, that’s a great idea and I am just about to do that.
      Ah, thank you!! You told me about young elites and I want to read it but I’ll try the other books too because I’m going to the library today *silent celebrations*


      1. XD I’ve been working very hard on annoying you guys by nominating all of the nominees you guys wanted to nominate and laughing over EXTREMELY serious matters 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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